Liz Phair 音乐会

你们准备好了吗!为Liz Phair的下一场演唱会



过去40场演唱会中Liz Phair演奏最多的前10首歌曲.




Listen to the Playlist of the Next Concert (updated after every tour date):

Liz Phair 可能在1:21后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (94% probability):

  1. Whip-smart cover Supernova
  2. Whitechocolatespaceegg cover Johnny Feelgood
  3. Exile In Guyville cover Never Said
  4. 1998-10-06: The Avalon, Boston, MA, USA cover 6'1"
  5. Exile In Guyville cover Help Me Mary
  6. The Girly-sound Tapes cover Polyester Bride
  7. Exile In Guyville cover Stratford-on-Guy
  8. Liz Phair cover Extraordinary
  9. Somebody's Miracle cover Lazy Dreamer
  10. no cover God Loves Baseball
  11. Exile In Guyville cover Mesmerizing
  12. Liz Phair cover Why Can't I?
  13. 再一次 #1

  14. Exile In Guyville cover Fuck and Run
  15. The Girly-sound Tapes cover Divorce Song

Liz Phair Tour Map 2023

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  1. Don't Bring Me Down
  2. Universal Heart-Beat
  3. Everybody Loves Me But You
Juliana Hatfield Photo

Juliana Hatfield

  1. My Sister
  2. Spin The Bottle
  3. Supermodel
The Juliana Hatfield Three Photo

The Juliana Hatfield Three

  1. Seether
  2. Volcano Girls
  3. All Hail Me
Veruca Salt Photo

Veruca Salt

  1. Save Me
  2. One
  3. Wise Up
Aimee Mann Photo

Aimee Mann

  1. Naked Eye
  2. Ladyfingers
  3. Citysong
Luscious Jackson Photo

Luscious Jackson

  1. My Secret Reason
  2. Cry Wolf
  3. From A Shell
Lisa Germano Photo

Lisa Germano

  1. All I Wanna Do
  2. Real Gone
  3. If It Makes You Happy
Sheryl Crow Photo

Sheryl Crow

  1. Not Too Soon
  2. Counting Backwards
  3. Bright Yellow Gun
Throwing Muses Photo

Throwing Muses

  1. Out There
  2. Temptation Eyes
  3. Girl In A Box
Blake Babies Photo

Blake Babies

  1. Hannover
  2. Dear Irene
  3. Heaven (Is a Place On Earth)
Belly Photo


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