Hollie Col

你们准备好了吗!为Hollie Col的下一场演唱会


抱歉, 我们没有关于这位艺术家的任何信息. :(

但是... 这是Hollie Col在演唱会中最有可能演唱的前10首歌!

Hollie Col Tour Map 2020

Follow Hollie Col around the world and explore the places where you can catch Hollie Col on tour.
4 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: 德国, 法国, etc.



  1. Bitter
  2. Pink Pony Club
  3. School Nights
Chappell Roan Photo

Chappell Roan

  1. Electric Dream
  2. Stars Across the Sky
  3. The Best Part
Bien Photo


  1. You
  2. Don't Tell
  3. Down by the Water
Greta Isaac Photo

Greta Isaac

  1. Isla
  2. Rumour of a Good Life
  3. One Mississippi
Toby Johnson Photo

Toby Johnson

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