Blue Rodeo

你们准备好了吗!为Blue Rodeo的下一场演唱会



过去40场演唱会中Blue Rodeo演奏最多的前10首歌曲. New to Blue Rodeo? Listen to the best songs first ()




Listen to the Playlist of the Next Concert (updated after every tour date):

Blue Rodeo 可能在1:55后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (91% probability):

  1. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 cover 5 Days in May
  2. Just Like A Vacation cover What Am I Doing Here
  3. 1000 Arms cover I Can't Hide This Anymore
  4. Tremolo cover Disappear
  5. Lost Together cover Rain Down on Me
  6. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 cover Rose-Coloured Glasses
  7. Diamond Mine cover Diamond Mine
  8. Five Days In July cover Head Over Heels
  9. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 cover Bad Timing
  10. no cover The Railroad
  11. Casino cover After the Rain
  12. Casino cover You're Everywhere
  13. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 cover Hasn't Hit Me Yet
  14. Casino cover Til I Am Myself Again
  15. 再一次 #1

  16. Outskirts cover Try
  17. Old Country Songbook, Vol. 1 cover Little Old Wine Drinker (Charlie Walker cover)
  18. Greatest Hits Vol. 1 cover Lost Together

Blue Rodeo Tour Map 2020

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  1. Home for a Rest
  2. The Crawl
  3. And If Venice Is Sinking
Spirit of the West Photo

Spirit of the West

  1. Ahead By A Century
  2. New Orleans Is Sinking
  3. Bobcaygeon
The Tragically Hip Photo

The Tragically Hip

  1. Spoonful Of Sugar
  2. Take It On Faith
  3. City Of Lakes
Matt Mays Photo

Matt Mays

  1. Ocean Pearl
  2. I Go Blind
  3. One Day In Your Life
54-40 Photo


  1. I Am Aglow
  2. Almost
  3. Lodestar
Sarah Harmer Photo

Sarah Harmer

  1. All The Things I Wasn't
  2. What Was Going Through My Head
  3. Good to See You
The Grapes of Wrath Photo

The Grapes of Wrath

  1. Through & Through & Through
  2. You Let Me Down
  3. Absentminded Melody
Joel Plaskett Photo

Joel Plaskett

  1. Stereo
  2. Any Day Now
  3. Brighter Hell
The Watchmen Photo

The Watchmen

  1. A Mirror Without
  2. Juliet
  3. Do You Recall?
Royal Wood Photo

Royal Wood

  1. Fashionable People
  2. Nowhere With You
  3. True Patriot Love
Joel Plaskett Emergency Photo

Joel Plaskett Emergency

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