过去40场演唱会中Pavement演奏最多的前10首歌曲. New to Pavement? Listen to the best songs first ()




Pavement 可能在1:55后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (99% probability):

  1. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Gold Soundz
  2. Slanted And Enchanted cover Here
  3. Slanted And Enchanted cover In the Mouth a Desert
  4. no cover Silence Kid
  5. Brighten The Corners cover Shady Lane
  6. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Unfair
  7. Wowee Zowee cover Rattled by the Rush
  8. Brighten The Corners cover Starlings of the Slipstream
  9. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Grounded
  10. Wowee Zowee cover Kennel District
  11. Brighten the Corners cover Date With IKEA
  12. Slanted And Enchanted cover Summer Babe
  13. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Cut Your Hair
  14. Slanted And Enchanted cover Perfume-V
  15. Terror Twilight cover Spit on a Stranger
  16. Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement cover Frontwards
  17. Brighten The Corners cover Stereo
  18. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Range Life
  19. Slanted And Enchanted cover Conduit for Sale!
  20. Slanted And Enchanted cover Trigger Cut
  21. Wowee Zowee cover Fight This Generation
  22. 再一次 #1

  23. Quarantine The Past: The Best Of Pavement cover Two States
  24. Crooked Rain Crooked Rain cover Stop Breathin

Pavement Tour Map 2020

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  1. Lariat
  2. (Do Not Feed The) Oyster
  3. Stick Figures In Love
Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks Photo

Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks

  1. Jenny & the Ess-Dog
  2. Troubbble
  3. Post-Paint Boy
Stephen Malkmus Photo

Stephen Malkmus

  1. Random Rules
  2. Smith & Jones Forever
  3. People
Silver Jews Photo

Silver Jews

  1. Carry the Zero
  2. Car
  3. The Plan
Built to Spill Photo

Built to Spill

  1. Hold On Hope
  2. Game of Pricks
  3. I Am A Scientist
Guided by Voices Photo

Guided by Voices

  1. On Fire
  2. License to Confuse
  3. Skull
Sebadoh Photo


  1. Autumn Sweater
  2. You Can Have It All
  3. I'll Be Around
Yo La Tengo Photo

Yo La Tengo

  1. Borrowed Time
  2. Stoned and Starving
  3. Human Performance
Parquet Courts Photo

Parquet Courts

  1. Web in Front
  2. Wrong
  3. Last Word
Archers of Loaf Photo

Archers of Loaf

  1. Feel the Pain
  2. Little Fury Things
  3. Freak Scene
Dinosaur Jr. Photo

Dinosaur Jr.

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