The City Harmonic

你们准备好了吗!为The City Harmonic的下一场演唱会


抱歉, 我们没有关于这位艺术家的任何信息. :(

但是... 这是The City Harmonic在演唱会中最有可能演唱的前10首歌!



  1. Song Of Hope (Heaven Come Down)
  2. Better Days
  3. Shine Your Light On Us
Robbie Seay Band Photo

Robbie Seay Band

  1. Stand In Awe
  2. God Of All Glory
  3. Sweetly Broken
Jeremy Riddle Photo

Jeremy Riddle

  1. Cannons
  2. Divine Romance
  3. True Love
Phil Wickham Photo

Phil Wickham

  1. We Need Each Other
  2. Whatever You're Doing (Something Heavenly)
  3. Turn On The Lights
Sanctus Real Photo

Sanctus Real

  1. Savior
  2. Through Your Eyes (feat. Trevor McNevan)
  3. Destroy
Worth Dying For Photo

Worth Dying For

  1. Beautiful Things
  2. The Earth Is Yours
  3. I Am Mountain
Gungor Photo


  1. Counting On God
  2. Prologue
  3. Overcome
Desperation Band Photo

Desperation Band

  1. Revelation Song
  2. You Are For Me
  3. Healer
Kari Jobe Photo

Kari Jobe

  1. By Your Side
  2. Love Is Here
  3. Hold My Heart
Tenth Avenue North Photo

Tenth Avenue North

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