Girl in a Coma

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Girl in a Coma 可能在1:01后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (11% probability):

  1. Both Before I'm Gone cover Say
  2. Exits & All The Rest cover One Eyed Fool
  3. Exits & All The Rest cover Control
  4. Exits & All The Rest cover Adjust
  5. Trio B.c. cover Slaughter Lane
  6. Adventures In Coverland cover Si una vez
  7. Exits & All The Rest cover She Had a Plan
  8. Trio B.c. cover Ven cerca
  9. Trio B.c. cover El monte
  10. Exits & All The Rest cover Smart
  11. Trio Bc cover Joanie in the City



  1. Bittersweet
  2. Paint Like That
  3. Mr. Incredible
Sick of Sarah Photo

Sick of Sarah

  1. Explode
  2. Not a Love Song
  3. Say So
Uh Huh Her Photo

Uh Huh Her

  1. Autonomy Boy
  2. Once and Never Again
  3. Giddy Stratospheres
The Long Blondes Photo

The Long Blondes

  1. Portions For Foxes
  2. Silver Lining
  3. Does He Love You?
Rilo Kiley Photo

Rilo Kiley

  1. Postcards
  2. Camp Out
  3. Company
An Horse Photo

An Horse

  1. Nth Degree
  2. New York Girls
  3. Jetsetter
Morningwood Photo


  1. June Gloom
  2. What I Say And What I Mean
  3. He's Not A Boy
The Like Photo

The Like

  1. Ghetto Love
  2. Baptized By Fire
  3. All Babes Are Wolves
Spinnerette Photo


  1. Bicycle, Bicycle
  2. Adventure
  3. Wildcat!
Be Your Own Pet Photo

Be Your Own Pet

  1. Ripe
  2. It All Means Nothing
  3. I'll Make You Sorry
Screaming Females Photo

Screaming Females

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