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你们准备好了吗!为Steve Earle的下一场演唱会



过去40场演唱会中Steve Earle演奏最多的前10首歌曲. New to Steve Earle? Listen to the best songs first ()




Steve Earle 可能在0:54后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (29% probability):

  1. Guitar Town cover My Old Friend the Blues
  2. Transcendental Blues cover The Galway Girl
  3. Guitar Town cover Guitar Town
  4. Guitar Town cover Someday
  5. I Feel Alright cover Now She's Gone
  6. Washington Square Serenade cover Sparkle and Shine
  7. Terraplane cover You're the Best Lover That I Ever Had (Steve Earle & The Dukes cover)
  8. The Essential Guy Clark cover Desperados Waiting for a Train (Guy Clark cover)
  9. Washington Square Serenade cover City of Immigrants
  10. Copperhead Road cover Copperhead Road

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  1. You're the Best Lover That I Ever Had
  2. Nowhere Road
  3. I Ain't Ever Satisfied
Steve Earle & The Dukes Photo

Steve Earle & The Dukes

  1. Have A Little Faith In Me
  2. Cry Love
  3. Memphis In The Meantime
John Hiatt Photo

John Hiatt

  1. Are You Alright?
  2. Car Wheels On A Gravel Road
  3. Right In Time
Lucinda Williams Photo

Lucinda Williams

  1. We Can't Make It Here
  2. Choctaw Bingo
  3. Just Us Kids
James McMurtry Photo

James McMurtry

  1. Just Like Old Times
  2. Ballad Of The Devil's Backbone Tavern
  3. Looking For A Job
Todd Snider Photo

Todd Snider

  1. Feelin' Good Again
  2. The Road Goes On Forever
  3. Merry Christmas From The Family
Robert Earl Keen Photo

Robert Earl Keen

  1. Harlem River Blues
  2. What I Mean to You
  3. One More Night in Brooklyn
Justin Townes Earle Photo

Justin Townes Earle

  1. She's Crazy For Leaving
  2. Earthbound
  3. I Couldn't Leave You If I TRIED
Rodney Crowell Photo

Rodney Crowell

  1. L.A. Freeway
  2. Rita Ballou
  3. Desperados Waiting For A Train
Guy Clark Photo

Guy Clark

  1. It Ain't Easy Being Me
  2. If I Were You
  3. House And 90 Acres
Chris Knight Photo

Chris Knight

  1. Paradise
  2. Angel From Montgomery
  3. Illegal Smile
John Prine Photo

John Prine

  1. If I Had a Boat
  2. She's No Lady
  3. Promises
Lyle Lovett Photo

Lyle Lovett

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