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过去40场演唱会中Goo Goo Dolls演奏最多的前10首歌曲. New to Goo Goo Dolls? Listen to the best songs first ()




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Goo Goo Dolls 可能在1:33后登台. 根据以往演唱会演唱的曲目,以下是这次最有可能演出的曲目 (99% probability):

  1. Miracle Pill cover Indestructible
  2. Boxes cover Home
  3. Dizzy Up The Girl cover Slide
  4. Miracle Pill cover Miracle Pill
  5. Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles cover Black Balloon
  6. Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles cover Here Is Gone
  7. Miracle Pill cover Life's a Message
  8. Superstar Car Wash cover Another Second Time Around
  9. Boxes cover So Alive
  10. Gutterflower cover Sympathy
  11. A Boy Named Goo cover Name
  12. Miracle Pill cover Fearless
  13. Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles cover Stay With You
  14. Magnetic cover Bringing on the Light
  15. You Should Be Happy cover Tattered Edge / You Should Be Happy
  16. Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles cover Broadway
  17. Miracle Pill cover Autumn Leaves
  18. Greatest Hits Volume One - The Singles cover Iris

Goo Goo Dolls Tour Map 2020

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  1. Push
  2. Unwell
  3. How Far We've Come
Matchbox Twenty Photo

Matchbox Twenty

  1. Everything You Want
  2. Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
  3. You're a God
Vertical Horizon Photo

Vertical Horizon

  1. Good
  2. A Lifetime
  3. Desperately Wanting
Better Than Ezra Photo

Better Than Ezra

  1. Hey Jealousy
  2. Follow You Down
  3. Found Out About You
Gin Blossoms Photo

Gin Blossoms

  1. You and Me
  2. Hanging by a Moment
  3. Everything
Lifehouse Photo


  1. All For You
  2. Your Winter
  3. Change Your Mind
Sister Hazel Photo

Sister Hazel

  1. Like I'm Gonna Lose You (feat. John Legend)
  2. Better When I'm Dancin'
  3. Dear Future Husband
Train Photo


  1. Absolutely (Story Of A Girl)
  2. Absolutely (Story Of A Girl) - Radio Mix
  3. If I Am
Nine Days Photo

Nine Days

  1. Semi-Charmed Life
  2. Never Let You Go
  3. Jumper
Third Eye Blind Photo

Third Eye Blind

  1. Shine
  2. The World I Know
  3. December
Collective Soul Photo

Collective Soul

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