The Rad Trads

你们准备好了吗!为The Rad Trads的下一场演唱会


抱歉, 我们没有关于这位艺术家的任何信息. :(

但是... 这是The Rad Trads在演唱会中最有可能演唱的前10首歌!

The Rad Trads Tour Map 2020

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8 Upcoming concerts, in the following countries: 美国, 英国, 西班牙, etc.



  1. König von der Strass
  2. Angela
  3. Italien
Monobo Son Photo

Monobo Son

  1. This Town's a Drag
  2. All I Found
  3. I'm The One Who Needs You Tonight
Cordovas Photo


  1. Sinking Ship
  2. Golden Lonesome
  3. I Know
Glorietta Photo


  1. Friction
  2. Big City Soundgirl
  3. Glow
The Lytics Photo

The Lytics

  1. Better Than I Used To
  2. Nuthin's Fair
  3. Sometimes Love Takes So Long
Illiterate Light Photo

Illiterate Light

  1. Cold
  2. Cheer Up Charlie
  3. I Guess in America
The Social Animals Photo

The Social Animals

  1. Lost At Sea
  2. I Wanna Be a Dawg
  3. I'll Quit Tomorrow
Dawg Yawp Photo

Dawg Yawp

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